Yamaha Motif

When you talk about the best synthesizer workstations, then the Yamaha Motif definitely is up there.

Though Yamaha is known more for their arrangers, this one is definitely quite popular among the performing musicians.

The Motif synthesizer has received praises in all keyboard circles, and has some great tools besides some awesome orchestral sounds.

Here are some of the features that you get on the motif keyboard:

  • Enormous library of sounds, including several vintage instruments through VCM effects
  • Various types of arpeggiators
  • Up to 2GB of additional content available through separately sold flash memory
  • Enhanced sampling
  • Easy DAW integration using remote control
  • Bundled Cubase AI — a DAW software application from Steinberg
  • Scalability through standard-equipped USB and Ethernet and the FW16E option