Toy Piano

Give a Head-start to Your Child with the Best Toy Piano


A toy piano for your little one would be one of the better investments that you could make as a parent for your child. The advantages of music on children are several and not really the focus of this article. But the fact is that children who take music lessons for a few years do show improved memory compared to nonparticipants.

What Age to Start
Lot of parents are anxious to put their children through music lessons as early as possible. But for best results, a child should start only when they developed motor skills, which usually happens around 4 years of age. But then there are several toy pianos for toddlers, which is more to aid hearing and for amusement.

Variety of Toy Pianos
Though most toy pianos mention that they are meant for children above the age of 3 years or so, you can still use it for younger babies. They do not contain any harmful components, and the built-in songs and sounds will definitely aid the development of your child’s hearing abilities. For the grownups, you have many more choices, some of them quite exciting. You can choose from battery operated toy pianos, mini keyboards from Casio or you may even choose an acoustic toy piano.

Acoustic Toy Pianos
If you always thought that toy pianos operated only on batteries and adapters, then you need to read this. Most adults buy digital pianos because of practical reasons but deep down most experienced pianists nurse that desire to own a high end acoustic piano, purely because of their gorgeous looks and sound. The best part is that acoustic pianos are also available for younger children. Though these are toys, they do have proper piano keys and are available as upright pianos as well as grand pianos. These are available in elegant designs and various like Black, White Red, and Pink.

Brands of Toy Pianos
Coming to the brands, the major manufacturers of toys also make pianos for babies and toddlers. So you will find names like Melissa & Doug and Fisher-Price which has most of the offerings. For acoustic baby pianos, Schoenhut are one of the popular brands around.

I am sure you will be amazed to see the variety of toys that are available under the music section for babies, toddlers and young children. Though you could choose any musical instrument, learning to play the piano has its own unique advantages. So go ahead and your child a head-start with Toy Piano meant for kids.