Music Stand Light

How to Select a Music Stand Light for Best Results


A Music Stand Light is lamp that comes with a spring clip mechanism so that it easily attaches to a music stand, wood or metal. The advantage being that it will throw enough light on the sheet music so that it is easily readable where there is not enough light.

The lamps will easy attach to a music folder or even to a book so in case you want to read on your bed at night, you can do it. For students who are learning music and like to change their position quite often, this comes in quite handy as you can play in any corner of your room.

The best part about most recent music stand lights is the fact that they are cordless making them very convenient to move around.
They run on batteries and need about three AAA alkaline batteries for it to operate. Some of them even have an AC adapter but batteries are better because of the portability.

Recent lamps are also LED based which does not make it very hot after a long music session. Besides, you have various combination of LEDs and you also have mode to select different brightness levels, which I think is a great option. Depending on the brightness required, you can select the appropriate level.

You also get lamps that have multiple heads (usually two) so that the light is distributed evenly over the sheet music. Each head is flexible so that you can move them around as needed and usually has an ON/OF switch which gives you more control over the light.
Some common problems, usually associated with the cheaper ones, is the fact that the lights go off quite frequently , especially if you moved the heads around a lot. On some, the lamps become too hot after a music sessions, and the batteries may not be strong enough o last for a longer playing session.

If you play from sheet music a lot, then this is a music accessory that you need to have in your inventory. Avoid buying the cheaper ones as you will need to replace the lamps quite often. For a few dollars more, there are some really cool ones that will easily fit on to your music stand, wooden or metal. So select the best music stand light for your music stand.