Clavinova Pianos

If you miss the grand piano your grandparents use to have, and want some modern features, Yamaha's Clavinova digital pianos fit the bill perfectly.

Musical instruments also evolve over time, and the same applies to acoustic pianos as well, digital pianos are the new 'FUN' instrument. The Clavinovas are not just fun, but also elegant and does feel like a real piani.

Clavinovas include two series - CLP Series and the CVP Series.

All of them have several instruments (piano like) to choose from, RECORDING capability and styles (the entry level ones don't have rhythms). The Clavinova CLPs are basic and do not have Styles and Rhythms. The Clavinova CVP's, on the other hand, have everything and are slightly more expensive than the CLP pianos.

Though real pianos (high end) will continue to get made, digital pianos do have their advantages and they're considerably cheaper and requires almost no maintenance. Yamaha Clavinovas are among the premium digital pianos available to users today.