Casio Privia PX Digital Piano Review

Here is a review of the Casio Privia PX 88 Key Digital Piano, the most popular portable pianos from Casio sold under the privia PX series.

Why are they Popular
If you read the various reviews on most of the Casio digital pianos, you will realize that beginners as well as experienced players can choose from a variety of models that are not only affordably priced but also come with great looks and sound quality.

But that is not the only reason for the popularity of the Casio pianos recently. It is also because this is probably the first time that Casio has introduced high quality pianos that are not only good in sound but also in their playing ability. This is the first time probably that people are not calling it toy pianos or by any other names.

It is also a fact that in the sub thousand dollars, Privia is among the most selling pianos and giving tough competition to their competitors.

Features & Benefits
The various features, sounds and the hammer action keys make these pianos perfect for piano practice as well as for learning. Hammer Action Keys, Realistic Sounds, Built-in Piano Lessons, aggressive pricing, and Portability are some of the important qualities of a Privia piano. Piano players, the serious ones, are mostly bothered only about the sound quality and the keyboard feel, not so much about the other features.

The privia portable pianos have graded hammer action keys which emulates the action on real acoustic-pianos, harder to play the bass notes and lighter on the higher octaves. A huge bonus for piano players will be the graded hammer action keys since it feels like a real piano. These are harder to play on the lower octaves and lighter on the higher octaves.

The sound quality of a piano depends on the samples used, in this case the Casio Privia Piano sound quality is on par with some of the leading digital piano brands. The story was a bit different until a few years back, when casio sounds were considered inferior.

Another useful feature for Beginners, besides the above features, is the Built-in piano lessons. The lessons will help you to reinforce crucial concepts that you might already be learning from your teacher.

Casio PX-130, Casio PX-330 and Casio PX-830 are the more popular Privia pianos. Beginners can get started on the Casio px130 or the Casio px330 Privia pianos, both are excellent for learning to play piano. Experienced players, who are looking for a piano for practicing, can go in for the Casio px330 or the more elegant looking Casio px830 privia piano. Casio also has the Casio PX3 in their repository, which is more of a digital stage piano with several features to help in onstage performances.

The various varieties of models give you an chance to find something to match your budget. So check out these pianos, especially if you are one of those who are not sure of the quality of Casio. The Casio Privia PX 88 key Digital Piano will surely make an impact on you.

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