Budget Casio Keyboards (Lighted, CTK) under 200 Dollars

Looking for an affordable 61 keys Casio keyboard (Lighted, CTK series) for learning? Here are three options for you to explore and it will also ensure you stay focused in your search.

And when you want the best of everything, without having to spend a lot, users tend to fall back on Casio keyboards which have several options in 61 keys keyboards for beginners.

In terms of features, you can expect to find 100 plus rhythms and sounds, built-in sequencer, powerful speakers, MIDI, good sound quality, and much more. These are more than sufficient for any beginner to get started with learning to play keyboards. You also get this built-in lessons feature which is a good tool for learning and reinforcing important musical concepts. So go ahead and explore these 61 key Casio keyboards (LK, CTK series).

Option1: The Casio LK 270 61 key keyboard is excellent for young beginners, who will find the guided lights feature fun to play and learn with. Here, a feature known as the step-teaching function is employed which lights up the correct keys and helps you to learn songs. Kids will love playing on these keyboards.

Option2: The Casio CTK 2100 keyboard is another model that has been launched recently and continues to do quite well with beginners. Besides the features mentioned above, you also get an audio input where you can plug in a CD or mp3 player to the keyboard, so that you can play along to your favorite song. Though this keyboard is cheaper compared to the other options, it is full of features waiting to be used.

Option3: Casio CTK 3000 keyboard, another popular instrument from Casio that has some great sounding speakers and samples of acoustic instrument sounds, including the piano. Maximum polyphony that you get her is 48 notes, which is sufficient for you to play complex arrangements.

So have you been looking around to buy a keyboard instrument that gives you plenty features to get started with playing keyboards? These are three options for your consideration if you want to buy an affordable but feature-laden Casio keyboard with 61 keys (LK, CTK series).